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Tangle in the Triangle

You want some? Come get some!!
The Triangle Chess Center Heavyweight Championship belt
Tangle In the Triangle

Tuesday evenings at 7PM at the
Triangle Chess Center
5920-203 Miami Blvd.
Durham, NC 27560

During the month of April we are establishing our ladder which will determine our club's four champions.

We will have an OPEN DIVISION ladder which will feature one game per week at G/75 D/5.
Players in this division may choose to play G/60 + 30/s if both players agree
This ladder will determine the following champions:
Heavyweight (Open), Middleweight (U1800), and Welterweight (U1400) champions.

We will also have an U1000 ladder which will feature our Flyweight Champion.
This ladder will feature two games at G/25 D/5 each week.

Entry fee will be $5 per week with registration on site only.
Registration ends at 6:55PM.
If you are running behind you may call Jeff Jones at (919)270-9948 to be paired.

All games will be USCF-rated and require USCF membership.
Ladder and belt rules:

The Ladder:
*Players will be paired with as close of a pairing as possible.
*Players will not be paired against each other more than once in a four week period unless no other pairings are available.
*If the lower ranked player wins, he/she moves up one spot above his/her opponent on the ladder.
*If the match is a draw then the lower ranked player moves half way up the ladder.
*Players establish themselves on the ladder by scoring against someone on the ladder.
*Due color goes to the higher ranking player.
*Players are removed from the ladder after twelve weeks of inactivity.

The Belts:
* Defending champion has draw odds on retaining the belt.
* Only established players on the ladder may win a belt.
*Defending champions will defend their belts at all club meetings unless "playing up" against a higher division champion.
* Belts will be defended if club members meet in tournaments outside of the center.
(ex. If Joe Challenger defeats Bobby Champion at a Master Trek, then Joe wins the title.)

* If a champion does not defend the title within four weeks, the top two eligible contenders will play in a one game match for the title with the higher ranked player getting white.
* Belts will remain at the Chess Center unless being carried to tournaments by the for promotional reasons.
* Champions will receive a commemorative medal to take home.
* A player whose rating goes above the threshold for a title for four weeks in real time or whose rating goes more than 100 points above a title threshold must relinquish the title.
(ex. Melissa McQueen is the Welterweight title holder, but her rating goes up to 1503. Melissa is now considered a Middleweight and must give up the lightweight title.)

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